Spectrum Tunnel gets APProved by Famigo.com!

Folks at Famigo.com gave a fairly positive review of Spectrum Tunnel and also rewarded Spectrum Tunnel with APProved badge.

APProved badge ensures the quality and family-friendliness of the app. Thanks to Famigo.com!

Here’s the link to the review: http://www.famigo.com/app/spectrum-tunnel/

Spectrum Tunnel is LIVE!

I’ve just published Spectrum Tunnel in the Play Store. It has not yet appeared in the store. I hope it will be there soon.

Spectrum Tunnel is my first final game release. I hope there is not too many bugs.

Here’s the link: Spectrum Tunnel in Play Store

Spectrum Tunnel, a game for Android

Spectrum Tunnel is to be released soon. I thought I’d share some technical details.

I’m using libGDX as my framework. It’s a great shortcut for Android game development.
For leaderboards and achievements implementation I’m using Scoreloop. It’s very easy to implement and doesn’t require the end-user(player) to register. It also stores player stats to cloud server so even after reinstall it loads the player stats from cloud. I’m also using TapJoy offers to give the players a choice to upgrade to premium version.